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Pre-School Weather Station

Special Price $2,200.00
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Age Group:
2 to 5 years

  • Features a real working thermometer
  • Easily movable symbols installed in a track
  • Children can pretend to be meteorologists or TV anchors
  • Upright installation that helps with science understanding
  • Availability

    6-8 weeks

  • Ship Freight

    This is packaged too large for UPS, FedEx, or USPS. A freight trailer is up to 53 feet long. Unload by hand with 2 - 3 people. Contact us for details.

Product Description

This Pre-School Weather Station is an amusing and educational pretend play item that can be placed outdoors. The upright panel comes installed with a real working thermometer, which will assist children in learning about rising and falling temperature. This connected meter is placed near a sizable opening in the panel that kiddos can peer out through as they stand behind the partition. To those watching from the front, it will look like the children are being broadcast on an imaginary TV channel! Beneath this opening is a series of weather symbols locked into channels (sunny, cloudy, etc.). The thermometer can be referenced for use in deciding which of these movable icon knobs are pushed to the top of the display track to match up with the announcements your little meteorologists are making about the weather that day. This makes the Weather Station a great solution for teachers wanting to have a lesson outside, but it’s just as much for little ones looking to bring a bit of science into their own imaginary play that day.

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