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MyTCoat Surface Mount Covers

Special Price $91.00
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  • Creates a clean finished look
  • Covers the otherwise exposed anchors
  • Weather protection for the feet of the table or bench
  • Protects children and patrons from injuring themselves on the surface mounts
  • Availability

    2-3 weeks

  • Ship Freight

    This is packaged too large for UPS, FedEx, or USPS. A freight trailer is up to 53 feet long. Unload by hand with 2 - 3 people. Contact us for details.

Product Description

Give your outdoor installations some fancy footwear with these Surface Mount Covers. Almost all of your outdoor fixtures such as benches and picnic tables have the option of surface mounting, which is used to bolt them directly to concrete or other hard surfaces. While this is an effective way to securely mount structures, it does leave the surface mounting plate and bolts exposed, which some people may find unsightly or worse, they can become a problem over time as they are exposed to the elements. With these surface mount covers, those bolts can be neatly covered up and given a charming round appearance. The covers can easily be fastened around the round leg of any surface mounted structure, but cannot be removed without tools. This makes it great to protect children from hurting themselves on otherwise exposed bolts while also preventing them from removing the covers.

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