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Tire Swivel Rubber Boot Replacement

  • Tire Swivel Rubber Boot Replacement

Tire Swivel Rubber Boot Replacement

Manufacturer: Child Works

0.07 LBS
1-2 weeks, Ships FedEx Ground
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Product Description

Before you spend money on an entirely new swivel for your tire swing, you may want to simply try this Tire Swivel Rubber Boot Replacement by Child Works. Quite often, costly pieces of hardware are replaced unnecessarily; this boot may be the answer to your problems at a very affordable price. This is a compact and extremely useful took that will make maintaining your playground equipment a breeze. Child Works always adheres to safety codes while using the latest technology, so you can feel good about trusting their hardware. This piece is specifically made for commercial use so it is designed to deal with constant usage by children of various weights as well as environmental elements. Do not spend money on a swivel when there is a good chance that you only need a rubber boot!

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