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Trash Receptacle Surface Mount

  • Trash Receptacle Surface Mount

Trash Receptacle Surface Mount

Manufacturer: MyTCoat

3.00 LBS
1-2 weeks, Ships Freight
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Product Highlights:
  • Ensures a way to secure a trash can
  • Powder coated for lengthened durability
  • Anchors easily into both a trash can and a surface
  • Designed to handle weather over long periods of time

Product Description

One of the worst things that can happen to a trash receptacle is that it can tip over and spill trash all over patrons. With the Trash Receptacle Surface Mount, you can ensure that your bin isn't going for a trip or a short flight anytime soon. Fashioned out of steel, the Trash Receptacle Surface Mount is going to keep your can in line. It is perfect for fair grounds, parks, boardwalks, tourist areas, universities, and many other locations. Basically, it works almost anywhere that you would find large numbers of people outdoors. The surface mount is designed to work on hard surfaces such as concrete. If the trash receptacle needs to go in a grassy area or dirt, look at our Trash Receptacle In-ground Mount instead. The surface mount works with any of our MyTCoat Trash Receptacles.

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