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Tubular Tower

  • Tubular Tower

Tubular Tower

8-13 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Age Group:
3 to 12 years
12' x 12' x 15' 2"
Product Highlights:
  • Three level spiral slide
  • Ball jam area
  • Plenty of crawling activities to build body strength
  • Multiple levels of fun

Product Description

The Tubular Tower is an amazing 3-level indoor playset where fun waits around every corner. It contains a series of incredible obstacles and activities that kids will enjoy and overcome as they make their way to the top of the tower. These include vertical and horizontal rollers that kids can slip under, over, or between; the Punch Bag Run, where they will knock hanging punching bags out of their way as they speed through; and Web Elevators, where kids can climb up and down between levels. At the top of the tower, in addition to a spectacular view, they will be rewarded with the chance to ride down the humongous 3rd Level Spiral Slide. Every possible safety precaution has been taken with this structure, from strong protective barrier netting all along the walls and roof of the structure, to cushioned floors and activity features, to soft padding at the eit of the slide.

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