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MyTCoat 32 Gallon Plastic Liner

Special Price $51.00
Regular Price $60.00 You Save 15% ($9.00)

  • Helps contain any spills or ripped trash bags
  • Fits inside any MyTCoat 32-gallon receptacle
  • Pairs perfectly with any MyTCoat 32-gallon lid
  • Easily placed in and taken out for efficient trash removal
  • Availability

    2-3 weeks

  • Ship Freight

    This is packaged too large for UPS, FedEx, or USPS. A freight trailer is up to 53 feet long. Unload by hand with 2 - 3 people. Contact us for details.

Product Description

No MyTCoat trash receptacle is complete without this 32 Gallon Plastic Liner. This handy container is a necessary component for holding a garbage bag in place within the framework of the receptacle. It supports and protects any litter within so that the trash bag doesn’t break. Additionally, this durable plastic container is tightly sealed, which prevents liquids from soaking through to the ground beneath the receptacle. So, if the worst occurs, and a trash bag does burst, any spills will be contained, making it much easier to clean. The wide rim around the top allows it to easily be lifted out of the receptacle for quick trash bag replacement. Add this liner to a wide variety of MyTCoat waste bins. The 32 Gallon Plastic Liner comes in a sleek black color which goes well with any trash receptacle color that encases it.

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