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32 Gallon Iron Helmet Lid

  • 32 Gallon Iron Helmet Lid

32 Gallon Iron Helmet Lid

Manufacturer: MyTCoat

10.00 LBS
1-2 weeks, Ships Freight
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Product Description

The 32 Gallon Iron Helmet Lid is a perfect way to upgrade any of our 32 gallon trash receptacles with a number of handy features. As the highest and most noticeable point on the receptacle, it makes it easy for guests to find where to get rid of their trash. They will certainly appreciate this, and also be less likely to litter. The opening of the lid is on the dome above the top of the receptacle and plastic liner, allowing the entire trash can to be filled to its capacity. And since the lid has a door which springs closed when not in use, it naturally keeps flies and scavenging animals trapped out, and unpleasant smells trapped inside. The lid has the same thermoplastic layer with Standard and Advantage options, and the same color choices, as out receptacles and other outdoor structures, allowing you to perfectly match them.

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