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7-Piece Best In Show BarkPark Kit

  • 7-Piece Best In Show BarkPark Kit
  • Rover Jump Over
  • Paws Table/Grooming Table
  • Doggie Crawl
  • Hoop Jump
  • Sit & Stay Bench
  • Trash Receptacle
  • Pet Waste Station

7-Piece Best In Show BarkPark Kit

Manufacturer: Ultra Site

484.00 LBS
3-4 weeks, Ships Freight
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$4,287.00 You Save: 17%($878.00)

Product Highlights:
  • 7 different pieces of equipment
  • Grooming table to keep your dog out of the mess as you work
  • Hoop Jump, Rover Jump Over, and Doggie Crawl teach agility
  • Includes Bench, Trash Receptacle, and Waste Station

Product Description

The 7-Piece Best In Show BarkPark Kit has everything you need to cater to the need of both active and dog-tired dogs and owners. The adjustable bar on the rover jump over allows dogs of all sizes to leap over it. Like the rover jump over the hoop jump also allows dogs of all sizes and skill levels to enjoy it. The hoop jump is made up of three different rings, all at different heights, for all types of dogs to jump through. For dogs who aren’t jumpers there is the doggie crawl. The doggie crawl is made out of heavy-duty rotomolded plastic to withstand various curious dogs and last for years, the spyholes on the side allow owners to keep an eye on their dogs. After exhausting the fun features in the park owners can relax on the sit & stay bench while dogs can take refuge on the flat paws/grooming table. A trash receptacle and pet waste station are included in the 7-Piece Best in Show BarkPark Kit to keep the park clean.

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