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Flower - 4 Note Gong

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Product Highlights:
  • Whimsically shaped flowers add fun to any play area
  • Attached mallet to play it with
  • Each petal has a different note
  • Each flower is sold separately
  • For the entire collection click here

Product Description

With its bright and cheerful tones, our Turquoise Flower evokes sun-drenched days, light-hearted melodies, and whimsy. When struck together, the Turquoise Flower’s petals create a sophisticated and precise sound -- an effervescent harmony which pairs well with our deeper-toned flower sculptures. The Orange Flower contains a mixture of high and dominant notes that blend into an asymmetric, unique sound that’s both surprising and soothing. It’s vibrant and warm color contrasts beautifully with its more relaxed notes. With its broad and atonal sounds and rich color, The Indigo Flower evokes mysticism and contemplation. It petals ring with pentatonic music and invite the listener to get lost in the competing sounds. The Yellow Flower, with its sunny hue, is surprisingly mosaic. It vibrates with precision, in distinctive tones that evoke play, exuberance, and daydreams.

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