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Freestanding 90-Degree Snake Climber

  • Freestanding 90-Degree Snake Climber

Freestanding 90-Degree Snake Climber

175.00 LBS
6-7 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Age Group:
5 to 12 years
8' 5" x 8' 5"
Use Zone:
20' 5" x 20' 5"
Product Highlights:
  • Seven square-shaped climbing rungs
  • Overhead beam bends at two 45 degree angles
  • Extra post for added support
  • Wide range of color choices

Product Description

The Freestanding 90-Degree Snake Climber is an overhead climber that combines popular features from several of our other models. Most noticeably the overhead bar curves at two 45 degree angles, which seems like a minor change but adds a significant increase in difficulty and variability which keeps this climber exciting after countless uses. To avoid any loss of structural integrity from this change we’ve added an extra support bar to the middle of the structure, which ensures its stability without getting in the way of a child crossing the bars. The snake-styled rungs, which feature a single rung which bends back and forth across the overhead beam, encourages kids to alternate reaching and hanging between their right and left hands while enabling them to hold onto the outside edge of each bend if they so choose. It also adds to the visual appeal of the structure, making it an interesting piece of playground equipment which is sure to stand out.

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