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Honeycomb Steel Park Bench with Back

  • Honeycomb Steel Park Bench with Back

Honeycomb Steel Park Bench with Back

Manufacturer: MyTCoat

99.00 LBS
1-2 weeks, Ships Freight
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Product Description

The Honeycomb Steel Park Bench with Back is made from a durable sheet of commercial grade steel which has a pattern of circular holes which gives it a bright and charming appearance. These holes create additional surface area so that the bench stays cool even during summer days. They also allow rain to empty from the bench seat, so that guests won’t be walking away with wet pants. it ‘s simple design features a separate seat and back, eliminating extra bulkiness while still making the seat comfortable enough for guests to relax on it for hours at a time. It has custom mounting options, allowing you to install it with an in-ground or surface mount, or even give it a portable base so that it can be transported to wherever it’s needed with ease. There is even a selection of color options to match the design and theme of your location.

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