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Leash Terminal

  • Leash Terminal

Leash Terminal

Manufacturer: MyTCoat

20.00 LBS
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Product Description

The leash terminal offers dog owners a place to safely hitch up their dogs for a moment. Rather than simply tying a dog’s leash to a pole, this offers a more secure and reliable way to keep dogs in a certain area. While most of the time that people spend with their dogs will most likely be spent playing, training, and bonding, dog owners will also want a minute to themselves now and then. This allows them to keep an eye on their dogs while they sit at a nearby bench or picnic table, giving the dogs more time to play by themselves. The terminal has four decorated hooks on top, allowing it to hold up to four leashes at once. However, dogs who do not know each other well should never be hitched up together without their owners being close by.

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