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Age Group:
2 to 12 years

  • Improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Promotes creativity and rhythm
  • Includes two (2) attached mallets
  • Each of the 15 keys is a different note
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  • COMPLIES With:

    ASTM F1487-17
    CPSC PUB #325

  • Weight

    86.00 LBS

  • Availability

    1-2 weeks


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Product Description

Liven up any playground with the distinct ring of the Metallophone. The 15 metal keys, each with their own unique sound, embolden creativity by inspiring special melodies. Have some energy to spare? Play quickly and loudly for all to hear. First time on the instrument? Try a soft and low tune just to get warmed up. The eye-catching colors alternate along the keys to captivate young children and spark their interest in inventive musical play. The Metallophone includes two mallets, securely attached to discourage loss or theft. The multiple mallets allow several kids to play together. Children can play solo or start a band, encouraging friendship and sharing. This 24 inch high 53 inch long instrument fits well into smaller spaces and is a great addition to any existing outdoor musical collection. Playtime on the Metallophone improves hand-eye coordination and refines motor skills while children compose unique rhythms and harmonies.

Customer Questions
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Answers: 1
Does this instrument play a diatonic scale? Also, how can I hear a video of someone playing this instrument?
Question by: Mary Crum Scholtens on Jan 10, 2021, 8:59 PM
Hello Mary and thank you for your question. We have these items in stock and we are currently putting a video together for this item.
Answer by: Kim Hart on Jan 12, 2021, 10:57 AM
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