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Alto Diatonic Freechimes Being Played

  • Alto Diatonic Freechimes Being Played
  • Alto Diatonic Freechimes

Percussion Play Alto Diatonic Freechimes

Manufacturer: Percussion Play

124.00 LBS
7-8 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
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$1,422.00 You Save: 10%($158.00)

Age Group:
2 to 12 years and Adults
Product Highlights:
  • One octave of alto pitched notes
  • Visually interesting almost equally sized chimes
  • Allows the fun of the larger models without the size limitations
  • Great addition for gardens and play areas alike

Product Description

The tinkling, echoey base notes of the Alto Diatonic give this piece a distinctive, calming sound that will delight passerby and players all day. Featuring gorgeous tones that are deep, rich, and vibrant, the Alto Diatonic’s notes have carrying power, performing exceptionally well in outdoor classrooms and music therapy applications—those resonant notes sure feel healing! Boasting the highest-quality tuning, the Alto Diatonic’s carefully arranged notes recall the diatonic scale of a piano keyboard and offer any entryway into music for beginners of all ages and ability levels. Choose the mounting option that fits your needs—in-ground, surface or wall installation. Or, if you’re seeking a sleek look, opt for a ‘notes only’ version and skip the backboard in favor of universal fixing brackets attaching each note directly to your chosen surface. This design is vandal resistant, meaning it’s an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like parks, schools, and care centers. Invite two or more students to play at once for harmonic fun!

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