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Girl Playing the Cherub

  • Girl Playing the Cherub
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Percussion Play Cherub

Manufacturer: Percussion Play

33.00 LBS
7-8 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Your Price:
$2,219.00 You Save: 10%($246.00)
Frame Size:

Age Group:
2 to 12 years and Adults
Unit Size:
Length: 28"
Width: 5"
Max Height: 71"
Product Highlights:
  • Fan-shaped array to play
  • Requires a small amount of space as it is mostly vertical
  • Comes with tethered mallets
  • Soprano and alto range of pitches

Product Description

Vibrant melodies will soar on the wind with the elegant, restorative Cherub. For many people, chimes and tonal music has the power to connect and heal. The Cherub is no exception. It creates beautiful, resonant notes that add a calming dimension to gardens, green spaces, nursing homes, and care centers for children and the elderly. The curative notes are the result of eleven tubular bells constructed from hand-tuned, heavy-duty anodized aluminum. Weatherproof, each bell is mounted over impact-resistant hunter ABS plastic resonators and tuned with equal precision and care. Choose between wall mounting your Cherub or fixing it to posts and installing on any surface. Cherub’s design is a variation on the Percussion Play Cadenza xylophone. However, the spacing creates a mirrored shape to resemble the wings of an angel, which gives the piece its heavenly name.

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