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2-Sided Playground Rules Sign - Rules

  • 2-Sided Playground Rules Sign - Rules
  • 2-Sided Welcome Sign - Welcome

2-Sided Playground Rules and Welcome Sign

40.00 LBS
6-7 weeks, Ships Freight
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Unit Size:
18" W x 24" H signboard
Product Highlights:
  • Double-sided signboard allows for two messages
  • Customizable age groups on safety side
  • Standardized safety rules fit for all playgrounds
  • Customizable welcome message for your specific park
  • Appropriate height for both children and adults to easily read

Product Description

Every playground is only as safe as the people using it. To ensure everyone knows the rules and how to behave properly and safely, introduce a 2-Sided Playground Rules and Welcome Sign by right out front. When equipment is used improperly and by children (or adults) of the wrong age, those on your equipment can damage it, seriously harm themselves, and increase your risk of liability. Children, especially, need to be taught how to use playground equipment properly. What seems like common sense to adults, is often only an afterthought to a child after they are already injured. This sign addresses all those concerns. On one side, it explains the proper way to use the playground equipment so that everyone can have an enjoyable time. The other side is a place for you to welcome children to your specific playground.

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