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Quad Sail Shade Next to Pool

  • Quad Sail Shade Next to Pool
  • Quad Sail Shade Over Park Area
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Quad Sail Shade

Manufacturer: Superior Shade

5-8 weeks Standard Sizes; 12-16 weeks with Engineered Drawings; Ships Freight
List Price:
Shade Size:

Product Highlights:
  • Comes in only in-ground mount
  • Combines sail shades in an eye-catching design
  • Available in a wide variety of powder coat and fabric colors
  • Durable and made to last daily elements

Product Description

The Quad Sail Shade is a unique outdoor shade structure with a design that makes interesting patterns of shadow and light. Rather than an ordinary square shade, this special structure is made from three individual triangular shades which are joined in the middle. This makes an interesting pattern of long rounded shapes, which look gorgeous when viewed from above or below.These gaps also allow in a little bit of sunlight and breeze, making the area beneath the shade highly temperature controlled, so that guests won’t get too hot or too cold. The shade fabric is available in a multitude of different color options, and for even greater personalization we can color each of the four triangular shades a different color. The four support posts are kept carefully out of the way at each corner, giving you plenty of space to utilize within the shaded area.

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