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3.5-inch Swing Hanger with Shackle Pendulum

  • 3.5-inch Swing Hanger with Shackle Pendulum
  • 5.0-inch Swing Hanger with Shackle Pendulum

Swing Hanger with Shackle Pendulum

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Product Highlights:
  • Fits either 3.5-inch or 5.0-inch diameter pipe
  • Easy to assemble clamp provide maximum support
  • Tamper proof hardware requires special tool (sold separately)
  • Hardware makes it easy to attach chain without tedious chain cutters or pliers
  • Bolts to connect clamp thread into nylon-insert lock nuts that resist turning over time

Product Description

This Swing Hanger with Shackle Pendulum is an important swingset component which connects the chain to the top-rail. This part can be used to build your own swingset, or to replace an aging or damaged part of an existing set. Two sizes are available to fit top-rails with either 3-1/2” or 5” diameters. This model uses steel incredibly efficiently, which makes it one of the most lightweight and affordable swing hangers on the market without sacrificing structural integrity or ease of movement. Another important feature of this design is its use of a shackle pendulum, which allows it to connect to the swing’s chain without requiring the use of an S hook, like most swing hangers do. The top and bottom halves of the hanger are bolted together on either side of the top-rail, which makes installation easy and ensures that it will fit tightly and securely with no risk of it slipping or becoming unattached.

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