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Jensen Non Wrap Swing Hanger - Fits 3-1/2-inch Top Rail

Jensen Non Wrap Swing Hanger - Fits 3-1/2-inch Top Rail

Manufacturer: Jensen

5.90 LBS
1-2 weeks, Ships UPS Ground
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Product Description

When it comes to playground equipment, you can never be too careful. The Jensen Non Wrap Swing Hanger reduces the risk of a swing chain becoming caught at the top of a swing. The nylon sleeve rests on the top rail and the metal hanger spins on the outside of the nylon. The nylon on the sides reduces the chance of the hanger moving from side-to-side on the top rail. This hanger fits any swing with a top rail measuring 3-1/2-inches in outside diameter. Sporting a tensile strength of 5000 pounds, this durable and reliable product will provide years of service. This product, as with all playground equipment, should be inspected frequently. Please observe all safety procedures.

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