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Hanging Cantilever Bleacher Shade

  • Hanging Cantilever Bleacher Shade
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  • Glide Elbow

Hanging Cantilever Bleacher Shade

Manufacturer: Superior Shade

1,024.00 LBS
5-8 weeks Standard Sizes; 12-16 weeks with Engineered Drawings; Ships Freight
List Price:
Entrance Height:
Glide Elbow:

Product Highlights:
  • Provides protection from the elements
  • Fits nicely over the bleachers
  • Variety of sizes and features to fit your specific needs
  • Allows spectators to comfortably view activities

Product Description

The Hanging Cantilever Bleacher Shade features a traditional cantilever design meant to minimize the required mounting points in-ground, while maximizing the shade coverage area. Simply put, the design requires only two upright posts. This means visibility will not be impacted, a requirement for proper viewing at sporting and outdoor events. The shade structure is available with or without glide elbows, a device meant to ease the difficulty of removing the canopy for seasonal or inclement weather events. Choose from a variety of sizes that accommodate several sizes of bleachers. All shade is designed for in-ground mount but is available with surface mount options. Contact a AAA State of Play specialist to learn about custom shade solutions for non-standard sizes. AAA State of Play offers custom bleacher shade renderings upon request at no additional charge.

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