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Honeycomb Steel Ash Tray Pylon

  • Honeycomb Steel Ash Tray Pylon

Honeycomb Steel Ashtray Pylon

Manufacturer: MyTCoat

20.00 LBS
1-2 weeks, Ships Freight
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Product Description

The Honeycomb Steel Ashtray Pylon is a great way to keep cigarette butts from littering your area. Many people find cigarettes repulsive, and will breathe easier if the areas along your walkways are free of them. Smokers will almost certainly dispose of their cigarettes properly, as long as there is a convenient and nearby receptacle such as this one. The pylon is highly sturdy and stable, keeping the tray upright and steady, as well as putting it right within arm’s reach. Our Ashtray Pylons are available with the same styles and the same color options as our trash receptacles, which helps them match when placed together.

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