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Ribbed Steel Ash Tray Pylon

  • Ribbed Steel Ash Tray Pylon

Ribbed Steel Ashtray Pylon

Manufacturer: MyTCoat

25.00 LBS
1-2 weeks, Ships Freight
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Product Description

In areas that allow smoking, and even on the outsides of non-smoking areas, it is good to have convenient receptacles in which guests can safely dispose of their cigarettes. This Ribbed Steel Ashtray Pylon features a metal dish, elevated to arm-level for this exact purpose. The dish is deep, giving it a large capacity to ensure that it won’t need to be emptied frequently. The bottom of the tray can be filled with sand, which helps to more easily extinguish the cigarettes, while trapping smoke and odors. The pylon is made from a sturdy cylinder of vertical metal slats, which makes it highly robust and unlikely to tip over.

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