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Two Column T Cantilever Shade

  • Two Column T Cantilever Shade
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Two Column T Cantilever Shade

Manufacturer: Superior Shade

5-8 weeks Standard Sizes; 12-16 weeks with Engineered Drawings; Ships Freight
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Product Highlights:
  • For bleachers that are 10 rows high
  • Four sturdy support posts create the "T" structure
  • Added distance on either end keeps the support posts out of the way
  • Provides shade and shelter from rain or sun while on the bleachers

Product Description

Ideal for shading a row of ten bleachers, as well as parking lots, play areas, and more, the Two Column T-Cantilever Shade makes an attractive and steady shade structure to keep patrons protected from the sun. The double T-shaped columns with rectangular shades create a broad, shady overhang that’s elegant and functional, preserving the look and feel of your stadium, park, or business. The umbrella comes in an array of powder-coat colors and fabric hues, with the option of installing an electrical access panel. This Shade works beautifully in a host of settings, keeping customers cool and happy, ensuring your business, ball game, or park and recreation space thrives, regardless of the weather. Inquire about specific dimensions and customizable options.

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