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32 Gallon Tiered Lid with Ash Tray

  • 32 Gallon Tiered Lid with Ash Tray

32 Gallon Tiered Lid with Ash Tray

Manufacturer: MyTCoat

26.00 LBS
1-2 weeks, Ships Freight
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Product Description

One of the things most commonly littered on the ground, and one of the things that most people are grossed out by, is cigarette butts. People tend to want to get rid of their cigarettes the moment that they are finished, and so there is a good chance that they will simply drop them if there isn’t an ash tray nearby. Luckily, this 32 Gallon Tiered Lid with Ash Tray can upgrade any of our trash cans so that it can safely contain cigarette butts. Since it has a separate tier for the cigarettes, there is no risk of them inadvertently starting a trash fire. Since the tier also covers the opening of the trash can, it also keeps the rain out so that the trash bag doesn’t fill up with water, becoming wet and smelly. It even comes in a variety of colors, allowing you pick one that matches or complements the color of our receptacle.

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