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How-To's and Guides

Use our Planning Guides and How-To's to educate yourself on useful topics surrounding the playground industry. Our expert advice is free of charge. From wide reaching topics like bullying prevention to recreation industry-specific topics like playground safety, our mission is keeping our readers up to date and educated on everything related to the industry.


These buying guides will assist you in the process of choosing your playground equipment. Tips from these guides will steer you in the right direction.

Adult Playground Equipment

ASTM Certification

Available Styles: Fabric Roofs

Backyard Playgrounds

Becoming Kings and Queens of the Playground

Benefits of School Playgrounds

Creating a Church Playground

Determining Age Appropriate Equipment

Different Types and Benefits of Playground Slides

Glide Elbows: How They Help

Guide to Indoor Playgrounds

Guide to Playground Components

Guide for Natural Playgrounds

Heavy Duty Playground Swings

Names of Playground Equipment

Outfitting Your Park

Pirate Theme Sets Sail

Playgrounds for Senior Citizens

Playground Installation

Playground Materials

Poured In Place Surface

Preschool Playgrounds

Rubber Mulch Nuggets

Swing Maintenance

The Benefits of Water Play

The Pros and Cons of Playground Climbing Equipment

Understanding Used Equipment Risks

Why Buying Used Playground Equipment is Never a Good Idea

Why Playgrounds Still Matter!

Wood vs. Metal Playground Equipment

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Our calculators assist you with computing engineered wood fiber, rubber mulch, playground borders, and more. Simply type in your site measurements and an estimate calculates in seconds.

Engineered Wood Fiber Calculator

Playground Border Calculator

Rubber Mulch Calculator

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Browse our infographics that assist in a better understanding of playgrounds through use of images to tell a story. Feel free to share any of the images with use of the embed code on the individual pages.

33 Ways to Raise a Happy, Healthy Child

34 Reasons Why Play Matters

Creating Confident Kids

Parenting Gems from the Kingdom of Fiction

The Evolution of the Swingset and Playgrounds

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Our interview series brings together people from all over the world: our customers, twitter extraordinaires, and more. Find our everything from how to better run your childcare to parenting tips on playground behavior.

Interview Series: Learning from @playgrounddad - 12/12/2013

Interview with CPSI Kevin Van Wye - 08/04/2014

Interview with Playworks' Beth Kimberly - 01/30/2014

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Discover even more about playgrounds with our lists! These lists will give you the "Top" anything. From the top reasons to use shade to the top playground themes, you will have all of the information you could need when making playground decisions.

50 Benefits of Public Playground Inspections

77 Reasons Kids Need Playgrounds

Five Unique Playgrounds for Your Summer Road Trip

List of Elementary School Field Day Activities

Play All Summer with these Fun Camp Games

Play and Learn the 50 States

Playground Songs and Clapping Games for Kids

Ten Playground Games with Instruction

Top Ten Playground Games

Top Ten Playground Items That Are Not Structures

Winter Playground Ideas and Activities for Kids

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Needing help planning your playground? These planning guides will help you in the beginning stages of choosing your playground equipment.

A Kids Guide To Exploring The Great Outdoors

A Guide To Inclusive Playground Design

A Guide to Natural Playgrounds

A Parents Guide to Outdoor Activities for Kids

Characteristics of Early Childhood Playground Equipment

Classroom Management Techniques

Designing Innovative School Playgrounds

Elementary-Age Appropriate Play Equipment

Exploring Fun with Adventure Playgrounds

Fun Fitness for All Ages

Guide for Team Building Activities

Guide to Bullying Prevention

Guide to Choosing the Best Safety Surfacing for your Playground

Guide to Effective Play Supervision for Parents and Guardians

Guide to Encouraging Children Through Themed Playground Equipment

Guide to Following School Playground Equipment Trends

Guide to Gaining the Maximum Social Benefits of Public Playgrounds

Guide to Going Green at School

Guide to Grants for Equipment

Guide to Outdoor Park Fun for Families

Guide to Outdoor Teambuilding Activities

Guide to Playground Hygiene

Guide to Playground Safety

Guide to Proper Playground Maintenance

Guide to Swinging Safely on the Playground

Guide to Understanding CPSC Safety

Guide to Understanding Everything Playground Safety

History of Playgrounds

History of the National Recreation and Park Association

Inclusive Play Equipment

Keeping Kids Healthy On The Playground

Kids' Guide to Staying Healthy

Learning Science on the Playground

New Playground Design & Planning Tips

Outdoor Fun with Rock Climbing

Outdoor Kids Fitness and Nutrition Guide for the Summer

Outdoor Sports For Kids

Outdoor Sports for the Kids at the Playground!

Playground Mulch 101

Puppy Playground - Agility Resources For Your Pooch

Safety Resource Guide For Biking And Other Outdoor Activities

Sunscreen and UV Safety on the Playground

Teacher and Parent Playground Guides and Checklists

The History of Physical Education

The Importance of Shade Structures for Outdoor Play

The Outdoor Enthusiast's Guide to Bugs

The Ultimate Summer Park Playground Guide

The Wonderful World of Sound: Musical Playground Equipment

Volunteering for Community Playground Projects

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These how-to articles will give pointed advice in a variety of playground related topics. Enjoy learning more about the industry!

Basketball Drills on the Playground for Kids!

Beyond the Playground: Outdoor Activities for Kids

Conflict Resolution at School & on the Playground

Bringing Language Arts to Play

Experimenting With Science Games

Fighting Childhood Obesity with Outdoor Activities

First Aid Basics for the Playground and Beyond!

How-To Accommodate Special Needs Children on the Playground

How-To Choose the Appropriate Playground Equipment for Your Daycare

How-To Learn Through Play

How-To Make Math Fun

How-To Make Physical Activity Fun

How-To Playground Games

How-To Playground Safety

How To Recycle and Keep Our Parks Clean

How-To Reduce Plastic Waste

How-To Use the Playground for Exercise

Incorporating Playground Games in Class

Keeping our Parks and Playgrounds Clean!

Overcoming Shyness on the Playground

Outdoor Safety Resource

Playground First Aid 101

Playground Workouts for Adults

School Safety for Kids

Stranger Danger and Playground Safety for Kids!

The Benefits of Playgrounds on Child Development

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